Once again the Chemistry at Work event was will received by AGS Year 8 boys and the staff and the demonstrators were very impressed by the boys’ level of interest and the standard of their questions.

Brian Halvorsen, who is a dentist, demonstrated the changing electrical potential in the mouth as we try different drinks and explained its importance in the chemistry of the mouth.

Jim Stevens, who is a chartered engineer, explained the chemical causes of potholes in roads and how he had to represented the local town council at government level over the effects of the massive construction traffic expected for building the local section of the HS2 railway line.

Tom Cracknell, Regulation Coordinator at Didcot Power Station, demonstrated, with the aid of a small steam engine, how electricity is generated and then give  students a chance to feel the different loading forces on the grid created the different types of lights from standard filament bults to leds.

Plus many other demonstrations.

It was a great day once again.

Derek Jones, Event Organiser.