John Colet School’s first Chemistry at Work event yesterday (4th July) was a great success and the school wants to host the event again next year. The Head Teacher sat in on all the demonstrations and thanked the demonstrators personally at the end for bringing the WoW factor to Chemistry.

Michael Sheppard who gave his first demonstration yesterday on “Soil, Water and Citizen Science” is keen to continue and Ian Newington who spent the day sitting in on the demonstrations is now thinking through an idea for an exciting demonstration he too could give at future events. So both our demonstrator numbers and the demonstration quality are incensing!

My thanks again to all the demonstrators who made it such a great day yesterday.

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Once again this annual Chemistry at Work event at the Milton Keynes City Discovery Centre was well subscribed and one school has already booked places to come for all three days next year –  Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 16th to 18th June 2015.

In response to suggestions from a couple of schools we now have three brief questions about each demonstration, printed in the programme, and are endeavouring to increase the number of  demonstrations with whiz-bangs.

This September, I shall be send out the application form to Milton Keynes and surrounding schools wanting to bring studnets to our next year;s event in June 2015.

With our grateful thanks, as ever, to the many demonstrators and schools that took part and to the support of the Royal Society of Chemistry.


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The Chemistry at Work day at St Michael’s Catholic School in High Wycombe in May was very popular with the demonstrators because  the students showed great interest in the demonstrations. Sadly, one demonstrator fell ill the night before and could not attend. However, this meant I had to step in with my backup demonstration on how chemistry can explain some paramagnetic effects and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the students making their discoveries. Unfortunately, this meant I was unable to see two new demonstrations and give any advice if needed but the reports I received from the teachers were very good. In fact the Head of Science had booked next year’s Chemistry at Work event before the end of the day.


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Once again the Chemistry at Work Day hosted by Aylesbury Grammar School proved very popular.

Their Year 8 students saw a typical wide range of demonstrations including: how the police use Chemistry, how bees use Chemistry and how important gel is in cosmetics (plus making it). Also how copper is refined and used, how poisons work on people and the solving of historic cases with Chemistry and  how we ensure the water in the swimming pools is safe, as well as the dangers of asbestos, including why we still use it, and the links between Chemistry & Psychology when we are under stress, and controlling this, plus the opportunity to learn about the many different types of earthworms and handling them.

The school is now planning a date to host this annual event again next year.

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