The RSC has seen a sudden surge in requests to organise Chemistry at Work events in 2016 and while this is good news it has unfortunately lead to a some events not running. If your school has asked to host a Chemistry at Work event in 2016 but cannot do so please contact your Local Organiser as soon as possible.

Derek Jones

Once again the schools filled the Milton Keynes City Discovery Centre and brought nearly 600 Year 6 pupils.  The predicted excitement in the Cruck Barn as they build their “canal bridges” meant I had to purchases some more screening to enable the other demonstrator there to be heard comfortably! This time we had Thames Water join us and the children learned much about water management while the proven dangers of smoking were highlighted by the Milton Keynes Respiratory Department. Many of the popular regular demonstrations attended and altogether we had demonstrations on:

Earthworms, Hair Styling Gel Formation, Fight or Flight, Going up in Smoke, How do the Police use Chemistry?, Lovely Hair- Shame about the Skin, Poisons & How They Work, Living on Less Energy, Healthy Horses, Soil & Water, Connecting up Solar Cells, Canal Bridge Building, Life of the Honey Bee, Magic of Oxygen with whiz-bangs, Practical Water Purification, We are A Lifeline (Ambulance Service).

We look forward to seeing all the schools again next year.

All demonstrations are now booked for this term’s events. In early October Whitefield School in Barnet are hosting their first “Chemistry at Work” day and at the end of October the three-day Junior “REAL SCIENCE” event in Milton Keynes has all school places booked too. However, schools still interested in attending this event please contact me in case any more space can be found.

Applications from Secondary Schools, or large Junior Schools, interested in hosting a “Chemistry at Work” day are invited for the next calendar year 2016. For information please contact me.

As ever, my grateful thanks go to the demonstrators. The students clearly enjoyed learning about the wide range of activities and potential careers with connections to Chemistry and the demonstrators were impressed with their attitude and interest. Dr Paul Myatt, Head of Science, was pleased with how their “Chemistry at Work” day went and and has already provisionally booked it again for the same time next year.